Artist Statement


“I was born in Penticton BC and raised on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.  I am essentially self-taught, though as a young artist I attended various workshops and classed at the Vancouver School of Art.  I sought expression in all types of media practicing such styles as: realism, abstraction, symbolism, and inner intuitive expression.  Going beyond the learning curve of my early work gave me the groundwork for the art I practice today. I create from my inner experience and depend largely on dreams and imagination for ideas and vision.

Now, my painting has become like an abstract thought.  It allows me to enter into another world.  It is like the Gaia is speaking to me out of that universal connectedness. It calls me to use identifiable images to hook and link people to that same place.

Through my painting I am drawn to enter into points of view and places in my imagination that are mostly intuitive. My paintings examine things like groups and flocks, movement, feelings and mystery.  I am as much the medium of expression as the brush, the paint and the canvas.