Ciclids $1500
Tree Blue Eggs $1500
Dreamer SOLD
Red Tulips SOLD
Inside Out SOLD
Mystery SOLD
Angel 1 SOLD
untitled $1200
Spirit Travel 2
In The City SOLD
Landscape SOLD
In Chaos SOLD
Unicorn Dreams SOLD
Rose Bud SOLD
The Dancer SOLD
Dreaming The Universe
Savary Walk SOLD
Light Through The Trees
Golden Angel SOLD
Just Me SOLD
3 Crows  SOLD
Bear Totem  SOLD
Bird On A Limb  SOLD
Spirit Animal 10 SOLD
Shaman Dancer 1 SOLD
Shaman Dancer 2  SOLD
Out of the Forest SOLD
Hoof  SOLD
Spirit Painting 12  Sold
Bear  SOLD
Forefathers SOLD
Crow with Eggs  Sold
Zoila  SOLD
Blue Dog  SOLD
Red Trees SOLD
In Search of Self
Red Dog 2  SOLD
Tulips and Bird  SOLD
My Room  SOLD
Night Dreams  SOLD
Red Hair  SOLD
Stallion  SOLD
The Door  
Pink Bed  SOLD
Red Tulips
The King  SOLD
Girl 1  SOLD
Girl 2  Sold
Warrior  SOLD
Down Town SOLD
4 Red Tulips  SOLD
Ziggy  SOLD
The King SOLD